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06 June 2012 @ 11:31 pm

I searched through this community and found some old posts about the Demo Album, including download links, but unfortunately they have been deleted or "seized" by the FBI.

Could any members here possibly reupload the Demo Album (to mediafire or something similar)?

Here is the tracklist:

1) Tanto - (piano)(Instrumental)
2) Rose De Versailles (Instrumental) (베르사이유의 장미 (MR))
3) Cotton Candy (솜사탕)
4) Lucid Dream (자각몽)
5) Beauty (이쁜이)
6) Quean
7) Tanto
8) Out Of You
9) Lethe River (레테의 강)
10) Rose De Versailles (베르사이유의 장미)

Thank you in advance.